Exclusive: C&C Cigars Adds Two New Premium Lines

Not long ago we introduced you to the new boutique, C&C Cigars. Its the new project from Joe Chiusano of Cusano fame and his team. In our initial review we took a look at their excellent bundle lines the Roll Back series and have been eagerly anticipating the release of their new premium maduro line. I had heard from one my sources that C&C was planning some line extensions to launch along side their new premium Maduro line, so I contacted Shane over at C&C and he let is in on the scoop. In talking with Shane he had this to say about the new C&C lineup: “We are really excited to be releasing 3 premiums before the end of this year.  Two of which, our LRMD (Maduro) and Corojo, will be released mid next month.  The third, a Connecticut, will be released by late October/early November. All three are hand rolled at our place in the Dominican Republic.”

He then went on to say that “all three lines will be offered initially in three sizes of 18 count boxes,” and will come in the following sizes and suggested prices (MSRP does not include local and state taxes):

  • Robusto – 5 x 50 – MSRP $3.99/cigar
  • Toro – 6 x 52 – MSRP $4.29/cigar
  • Churchill – 7 x 50 – MSRP $4.49/cigar

So what can we expect from these new premium lines? Well Shane was gracious enough to give us the basic blend info with the caveat of “These are not 100% of what the blends consist of as we won’t release our “secret recipes.” He does however,  ”hope [that] the consumers will take chances at figuring them out.”

Blend Info:

  • LRMD – Proprietary Dominican Maduro wrapper, premium Dominican binder, and a filler blend of Piloto Cubano and Ligero to give this cigar a sweet but medium plus bodied profile.
  • Corojo – Ecuadorian Corojo wrapper, premium Dominican binder, and a nice filler blend of seco, viso and ligero of Corojo and Cuban types to give this cigar a nice spicy medium bodied profile.
  • Connecticut – Fantastic quality Ecuadorian Connecticut wrapper, premium Cuban seed binder, and the filler has a touch of Cuban seed ligero.  This is a nice mild creamy cigar.

Finally, I asked Shane why the maduro premium line has taken a little while longer to get to production. Shane had the following to say: “the funny thing is most people, including us at first, thought the process of creating brands and blends would be easier this time around but it has taken longer.  Being that this is our second time around we have higher standards and know what needs to go into a good cigar/brand so things get turned down and sent back for revisions more often.  We know our customers and consumers will see this when these products hit the shelves.”

So there you have it the upcoming lineup of what should be an exciting premium entry from team C&C. If you really want to get a taste of what these guys have to offer, then push for your local tobacconist to bring their initial bundle Roll Back lines in today. They are quite possibly the best bundle sticks I’ve had to date. Stay tuned in the future weeks as samples begin to become available and we can give their premium lines an honest review. We would also like to take a moment and thank the guys over at C&C for talking with us, and filling us in on their projects, especially Shane!



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